Sacred Valley Maras Moray Huaypo Lake Mountain Bike

USD 150 pp

Book this tour with a Pre payment of $50 per person.

The price is calculated by the number of passengers. Minimum 2 passengers

    2 PAXS     USD 150 pp
   3-4 PAXS   USD 135 pp
   5 or more    USD 75 pp
Mountain bike in the Sacred Valley
huaypo lake Mountain bike daily departures
Mountain bike from Chinchero to Maras Moray

Booking Information:

  • 1. Once you registered and provided your details -or group details online and generate a reservation code or purchase number.
  • 2. Pay a Pre Payment (booking deposit) online with your reservation code with credit or debit card. $50 + 5% fees per person or
  • Pay a Pre Payment (booking deposit) with your reservation code or purchase number through Paypal. $50 + 6% fees per person.