Purchase the ticket to Machu Picchu Mountain 2023 - 2024

You have chosen the second schedule. You can enter to Machu Picchu Mountain from at 8:00 am.

There are two schedules to enter to Machu Picchu. This ticket include the enter to Machu Picchu in the first and second schedule. Verify the spaces available and you choose the best schedule

Visitors must enter at the corresponding time and go directly to the entrance control to the alternate route Machupicchu Mountain to the control N°8.

The visitor has the right to re-enter the Sanctuary to finish the tour, strictly the circuit CIRCUITO 3 Bajo Corto.

Group 01
7:00 8:00 am
Group 02
8:00 9:00 am



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  • Children under the age of 8, accompanied by an adult, do not pay the entrance.

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